About us

Def studio is a completely remote design studio, mostly operating from Europe and Asia.

We are a team of seasoned designer & developer that has more than 9 years of experience. We help companies to design and build products and services that connect with people. Focusing on digital, we work on a variety of projects ranging from brand identity systems to product design and development.


Farah Firdaus

Product Designer & front-end developer

Farah is a designer during the day. And UX researcher by night. She spends most of her time researching, creating wireframes and wrapping up lovely designs for our customers.


Frizky Kramer

Full-stack developer

Frizky been building his own web applications ever since his final years of primary school. Besides coding, He also spent a lot of time designing, digital marketing, and SEO. As a result, combining front and back-end development felt very natural.