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Type of work

UI & UX Design

Vivacity a startup based in the UK that offers guest Experience, Discovery & Analytics software to help your business thrive with the Chinese Inbound market.

Landing page

The vivacity landing page is focused on the B2B market, which is a hospitality field business owner. We use blue as the main color palette to reflect more in loyalty and trust. We show some of the statistics or facts about the Chinese market below the hero image to give a sense of urgency and importance of how profitable the Chinese market is. Other than that we focus on showing what we offer such as the guest experience, which is the WeChat landing profile, translation, and analytics.

Vivacity landing page


This onboarding is focusing when the user just signs up to the dashboard. This onboarding will guide the user to upload their information to our system. Such as their business images, logo, menus, recommendations, etc. After they are done with the onboarding, the result will be the barcode that links to their we chat profile, which later their customer can scan and they can see the business profile in the Chinese version.

Vivacity introduction pages


The vivacity dashboard is where user can track their growth in the Chinese market. Based on the barcode that their customer scan, vivacity has insight into their customer WeChat profile, and from there we visualize the data and present it to the user. Other than the customer insight, vivacity also has a promotional feature where users can send the notification promo to their customer, and the gold member also has an exclusive discovery advantage in the vivacity WeChat app.

Customer app

Vivacity B2C customer app is focused on the Chinese traveler as their market. We use gold and black to give a sense of luxury. In this platform, we offer travel tips and we display the business owner profile to the Chinese market, where they can directly order any services or items.
customer app mockup Customer app designs