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Type of work

Brand identity, UI & UX, Web development

Vokal makes it easy to create videos with waveforms and subtitles. Engage new listeners in your podcast, radio show and music across all social media platforms.


Brand identity

Vokal's brand identity design is hugely inspired by brutalist design, which is very popular in 2020. The main value of vokal other than easy to use tool is that we also a design-oriented tool. Based on that point, we combine the brutalist design with a modern and clean look, so it still looks eye-catching but timeless.

brand identity

Landing page

The first visual below is our initial landing page, which was more focus on 3 simple steps of how to create your video. But after learning more about our customer's behavior and the A/B testing we did. We decided to update the landing page to the second visual. So instead of focusing on 3 easy steps, we focus more on the features of the app. In each feature, we present it with a simple animated video that makes it look more interesting, and animation is proven to boost more engagement.

Sign up page


Vokal's target market is not a tech savvy customer, so we make sure that the tool is very easy to use, and there's always a guide to help them, that's why we created an introduction popup when the user just enter the editor. We also created a straightforward flow so when users sign up they can directly pick the template they want and start with the design right on. In summary, the SAAS project is always an ongoing learning project, so we make sure to always keep track of our customer experience and we also will keep adding new feature.

Introduction in editor