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Type of work

Brand identity, UI & UX, Web development

Workmode is a (progressive) web application. The goal of this app is to help the user to find the best place to work from home, depending on their location or search


Brand identity

Workmode logo inspired from cube shape which symbolizes space, and we interpret the workmode abbreviation (WM) into the shape.

Logo black and white Logo mockup

Web app

As a remote worker in this day of age, we need a certain speed of the internet to be able to function, and this is where workmode can help. User can register any coffee shop, coworking spaces, or even restaurants, and test the internet speed. By testing the internet speed, we can put it in our database. While waiting for the test speed result we also added some questions that can improve the accuracy of the places, based on coffee taste, how busy it is, power plug availability, etc.